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Greatly improve wall use and save space!

The Seamless Mop Hook is 100% brand new and a high quality product. Made of  PVC, it is easy to use and install. It do not hurt the wall as no drilling is required.

The Seamless Mop Hook is very durable and has a non-slip waterproof design with a maximum load bearing of 5 kg.

The Seamless Mop Hook can install different items as long as they are cylindrical in shape. It can be used as storage for your kitchen utensils, garage accessories, garden hose, brush, shovel, mob, broom, toilet brush and many more!



  • Multifunctional -  You can use it as a holder for your mop, toilet brush, kitchen supplies and other accessories or items.
  • Can be installed on various kinds of mill finished walls like glass, marble and ceramic tile.
  • Non-slip and waterproof  It's solid and stable even when it gets wet.
  • Easy to install - No drilling. Adopting trace less solid glue with great elasticity which is hard to be torn off for no residual glue.
  • Has a super strong loading weight capacity up to about 5 kg.

Package Includes


  • 3pcs/ 5pcs Seamless Mop Hook