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This Golf Swing Training Tool teaches you how to properly execute a perfect swing by setting the correct wrist position at the top of your back swing; this allows you to learn the technique, and enables you to apply it on your own! 

  • Creates the correct swing position by ensuring you have the correct hinge position at the top of your backswing

  • Corrects facial alignment throughout the swing, enhancing your accuracy & distance

  • Reduces problems with slick & hook by keeping your club 100% aligned with your shoulder

  • By providing you with the proper form, it allows you to use less power when hitting the ball

  • Improves putting ability; it teaches you to keep your arms locked, & it prevents you from breaking your wrist when putting

  • Improves ability to follow through with the movement


This is a tool has been proven to dramatically enhance golfers performance time after time again. Take this tool to the driving range, or to the course, and use it until the movement becomes natural for you to perform. This is one of the fastest and most affordable methods for enhancing your performance on the course! Guaranteed.

  • Proven to enhance performance and improve your score on the course!

  • Perfect for beginners and even intermediate to advanced golfers

  • Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed golfers

  • Suitable for male, female, & junior golfers

  • Very lightweight (35g)

  • Easily attaches to the shaft of your club

Package Includes:

  • x1 Golf Swing Training Tool


  1. Remove the nut/screw from the tool

  2. Slide the tool onto your gold club at just a few inches below where the grip ends (as seen in the pictures above)

  3. Put the nut/screw back in to secure the tool onto your club

  4. Ensure the tool is centred directly on top of the shaft

  5. Grip your club & ensure that the tool is directly aligned with your left shoulder

  6. Keeping the tool aligned with your left shoulder, begin your back swing until your left forearm meets the curved edge of the tool

  7. Begin your swing, allowing the tool to meet your arm at a 90 degree angle right before you hit the ball

  8. Follow through with the movement until your left forearm meets the curved edge of the tool again